Welcome to CPAST
Comprehensive Perl Arcana Society Tapestry

"The spirit of the universe is at once destructive and creative--
it creates while it destroys,
and destroys while it creates,
and we must inevitably resign ourselves to this."

--Albert Schweitzer



The mission of this site is to archive anything that may be of interest to the culture of the Perl programming language. Its beginnings are humble, but eventually it should be a place where those with interest may come to wade into that which makes the language so much fun: The people of Perl.

If you see any errors, omissions, have comments or would like to contribute a tidbit for this ongoing mission, email perlhist@history.perl.org

Sources and Special Thanks

Larry Wall, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Jon Orwant, Chris Nandor, Gurusamy Sarathy, Dick Hardt, Mark-Jason Dominus, Randal Schwartz, Adam Turoff, Kevin Lenzo, #perl, P5P and the entire cast of characters that make this language so much fun.