Thanks to everyone who entered the Haiku Contest this year. We hope to have it again next year!

Perl Conference 4.0 Haiku Contest Finalists

Prizes: First Prize: O'Reilly voucher VA Linux cube Second Prize: O'Reilly voucher ActiveState pack Third Prize: O'Reilly voucher Honourable mentions: Perl Mongers Surplus T-shirt A special thanks to our sponsors for donating the prizes!

Dishonourable Mention 1

Buttcandle dot com Are they really serious? Singed butthairs, much pain! Annie Nonimous n.b.: The gumball haiku-er rides again!

Dishonourable Mention 2

Hai My Friends I Want To Know More Information About E-Commerce And Perl Programming Langguage . Also How To Making Database By Use PERL. n.b.: This was submitted via the web and receives the special mention it deserves. :)

Public Service Announcement 1

The way you pronounce Jarkko's name is: YAR-KO- HE- EH-TAH-NE-EH-ME YAR-KO- HE- EH-TAH-NE-EH-ME and DAY-ME-AN CON-WAY n.b.: The pumpking pronunciation guide because he's only going to say it once.

Honourable Mention 1

YAPC lightning talks show us something cool with Perl... Gong! Your time is up. R. Geoffrey Avery n.b.: What's up with those Lightning talks anyway?

Honourable Mention 2

use strict; sub AUTOLOAD{ print+($_=((split/::/,$main::AUTOLOAD)[1])) eq'_'?"\n":"$_ "} use subs qw( dragons hide in words _ quiet faithful lovers please _ tender caresses _ );_ hide dragons in words _ quiet faithful quiet please _ tender caresses _ Brad Baxter

Honourable Mention 3

unshift @pool,$sky,$clouds; bless {sleep my $love and study}; each %willow and carp; Steve Trigg comments:A Japanese maiden, comforts her samurai husband as he lies dying by a shady pool. The ornamental fish tangle themselves in the fronds of a weeping willow as they rise to taste the blood of the fallen warrior which has spilled into the limpid waters. n.b.: We now include the original comments which are just as lovely as the haiku itself.

Third Place

Lonely Perl widow DSL keeps company Come home, Perl Monger! Perl orphan baby says "pound bang usr bin perl" instead of "da da" Jenine Abarbanel n.b.: Danger! Perl can be addictive.

Second Place

Damian Conway This haiku may overrun O! Tempus fugit! (sed sic addendum cis) Paul Makepeace n.b.: Damian has a bit of a reputation of running a bit long on his talks so this particular haiku taunts him over it with extra flair in Latin.

First Place

sub summer { my $sum; $sum += $_ for @_; $sum } print summer (split); Ronald J Kimball n.b: is a sum-er and a season. :)