I was surfing through www.gnu.org today and had a peek at the page about the first Free Software Award. I had a look at the pictures.

Suddenly it hit me, like a 500k TCL script. (It's probably better to be hit with a hardcopy of a 500k TCL script than it would be to be forced to maintain one.)

Larry Wall is the same person as Weird Al!

You probably don't believe me. Ha!

Here's my proof:

[Image of Weird Al.  Or maybe it's
      Larry Wall.  We can't be sure!] [Image of Larry Wall.  Or maybe it's Weird Al.  We can't be

It's all there. The mustache. The glasses. The piercing look of intelligence and wit. The postmodernism. The shocking Hawaiian shirts.

The only difference is the hair-style. And we all know that's easy enough to fudge.

This is all the proof that anyone needs to realize that Free Software, or Open Source Software, or, as I like to call it, Free Schwartz Software, is unstoppable, and the Right Thing (tm).

Of course, they both rule. I mean, erm, he rules. Yeah. His Weird Al alter-ego is on the web at www.weirdal.com, and his Larry Wall alter-ego is on the web at www.wall.org.

(For those of you not in the know, Larry Wall is the creator of the Perl programming language, and Weird Al is the creator of the finest music since Bach.)

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